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Our vision for equality and diversity

Portsmouth City Council’s approach to equality and diversity focuses on our communities to ensure that our services meet people’s needs, both now and in the future and that no-one experiences racism or other prejudice.

Our aim is to have a workforce that is reflective of the communities in Portsmouth, one that is open to new ideas, ways of working and diversity. We are working on a training programme that will see these principles incorporated into all of our work.

We celebrate difference and work to ensure that no one is disadvantaged when accessing services, employment or public life in Portsmouth. Our aim is to maintain and exceed the requirements of the public sector duty (the Equality Act 2010 ). We are also a Disability Confident leader in our community. We provide information about how we comply with our equality duties each year and we review our equality objectives at least once every 4 years

Portsmouth is a City of Sanctuary

Portsmouth is a city proud to offer safety and sanctuary to people fleeing violence and persecution and to those who are vulnerable and isolated. With dignity and compassion we aim to ensure that all vulnerable people get the support they need.

127 local organisations have thus far come together to form Portsmouth City of Sanctuary, connecting a network of important projects and services. We are committed to working together to offer support to vulnerable groups in the community.

Our workforce

Through listening to feedback, our workforce shapes what we do.

We expect everyone who works at Portsmouth City Council to be treated and to treat everyone else with dignity and respect.

To support equality and diversity, we have a range of networks that have been set up to foster our ambitions. These include:

  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning plus Network
  • Black and Minority Ethnic Network
  • Disabled Network

Our approach to wellbeing

Portsmouth City Council are also committed to creating a more open and understanding culture around mental health in the workplace – and in recognition of this, we have signed the Time to Change Pledge.

This is a commitment to changing the way Portsmouth City Council think and act about mental health at every level of this organisation. They have put into place an action plan to help us achieve this, including:

  • providing training opportunities to managers and staff
  • promoting open and honest mental health conversations within the workplace
  • raising awareness of the support that is available and encouraging early access for those with mental wellbeing issues
  • promoting national mental health campaigns
  • expanding the wellbeing champion programme