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A group of newly qualified social workers receiving their certificates for completing ASYE programme

Graduate scheme opens for newly qualified social workers

Callum Murphy

Senior Campaign and Events Officer
General News

General News

10 February 2023

sf1Portsmouth City Council is encouraging newly-qualified social workers to join a programme aimed at keeping them local after their degree.

Those graduating with a social work degree or masters can apply now for a place on the 12-month programme, which is designed to develop their skills, knowledge and professional confidence in children's social care.

Called the assessed and supported year in employment (ASYE) programme, it takes newly qualified social workers through a series of hands-on experiences, applying real world theory and practice.

The scheme will see graduates attend regular workshops with senior team members to understand Portsmouth's approach to family practice, shadowing other social workers whilst having time to learn and reflect.

Councillor Suzy Horton, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Children, Families and Education at the council, said: "Portsmouth is well known for developing social workers through the Stronger Futures Academy. We know children thrive when they are in a loving environment. The programme will equip newly qualified social workers with the skills and knowledge they need to support vulnerable families."

Liam Mills, social worker at Portsmouth City Council

sf2Liam Mills, a social worker who has completed the ASYE programme at the council, said:

"A degree or masters will go some way to help you understand the theory of supporting families. It isn't until you experience the relationships and connections you make while on the programme that everything falls into place.

"Becoming a social worker requires you to be human and understand the challenges families face. The programme helps put into practice what I learnt in the classroom and reaffirmed social work as a career for me."

Learn more about the ASYE programme

If you are graduating with a social work degree or masters, applications for the ASYE programme in Portsmouth are now open.